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                  We at FreshPVA.com are commited to provide best support for posting live ads on craigslist
We Offer free guaranttee for re-verification for 1 year

Completely free of charge !

Lowest Price : $ 4 Each PVA
Fastest Delivery
1. After making payment, when will I receive my order ?

Ans. If the order is for 25 PVAs or less, then you will get it delivered instantly, in other cases, it will be delivered within 24 hrs.

2. How I will receive my order ?

Ans. If you leave your email with us we will email you, you may contact us on skype id - anjudevi , for instant delivery.

3. What will I receive in my oder ?

Ans. You will receive Gmail Account, Password which will be common for login to craigslist and gmail account, Also the name of the city of pva, which is the city of IP and Phone number used to verify the account. You will also receive the recovery email for each gmail.

4.What if my pva needs re-verification ?

Ans. First of all, the PVA sold here will not require any further verification. In rare cases, if it needs, please contact us, we will re-verify it for freee for 1 full year.

5. Do you sell IP or Proxy also ?

Ans. As such we are not selling IP or Proxies, but still we can guide you  as where to get best Proxies so your ads can remains live.

6. What about refund ?

Ans. As the PVA are sold only once, there is no way for refund.

7. If I have any problem, how do I contact you for immediate support?

Ans. Skype - anjudevi

 Features of our PVA :-

* Each Craigslist PVA is verified with a Unique U.S Phone Number

* Each PVA is Geo-located with matching ip and phone Number

* Each PVA comes with Gmail and its password. 

* Each PVA comes with re-verification guarantee for 1 year for free